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Hiring Procedures


1. Submission of pre- employment requirements:

Applicants are required to submit all pre- employment requirements such as:
Police Clearance
Diploma or TOR
Birth Certificate
Residence CertificateClearance
E-1 or SSS ID
1x1 and 2x2 white background

Upon submission of the foregoing, applicant are required to bring the original of these documents for authentication purposes.

2. Initial interview:

Conduct initial interview to determine if applicants are qualified for the position.

3. Screening:

Applicants who passed the initial interview shall be screened carefully to determine their capability for the job.

4. Written examination:

Written examination is given to applicants who had been chosen and carefully screened, to determine the applicants communication, comprehensive skills and intelligence (IQ).

5. Final Interview:

After the preliminary interview and upon passing the written examination, applicants shall be subjected to final interview by the General Manager.

6. Medical Examination:

Applicants/ Candidates who passed the initial interviews, screening, written exams and final interview shall be required to undergo the following to determine their physical fitness for the job applied and intended for: medical examination, drug testing, dental examination and other medical test deemed necessary.

7. Company Orientation:

This process includes familiarization and orientation of the Companyís Rules & Regulations, Employees Benefits and Compensation, Customer Relation Service Orientation, Work Ethics, Positive Values & Attitudes towards the job, Personality Development and Proper Grooming.

8. Technical Orientation:

This focuses on procedure in the use of various cleaning tools and equipment, proper use and application of different cleaning materials are also included in this module.

9. Deployment to Projects:

All applicants who passed all preliminary interviews, screening, exams, actual training and medical exams will be endorsed to the Client for final interview and selection. If approved by the client the applicant will proceed to the office to get job order, IDís, uniform and bring their 201 file and their Medical requirement to be submitted to the client.

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