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Marketing Capability

About Us

Marketing Staff Technical Skill

Extra Ordinaire Janitorial & Manpower Services, Inc. maintains a highly discipline marketing staff, tasks to sell and make known the companies line of services. All of our marketing personnel had undergone an intensive training program intended to develop them into high caliber marketing professionals.

Client Endorsement

Our client also plays a vital role in the promotion and recognition of the company as one of the respected manpower service provider- their endorsement was obtained through exemplary service. This is one of the major factors why we are already getting clients not withstanding the infantile stage of the company.

Plans and aspiration

In the future, the company plans to operate not only in key urban center but also in other parts of the country where companies demand for highly dedicated and discipline janitorial, front and back-end personnel

Financial Capability
The company’s working capital is being monitored and maintained at a desirable level of liquidity to meet the demand and projected growth target.

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