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  • Semi annual Fogging/ Fumigation/ Minor Pest Control of all areas covered responsibility, which is free of charge.

  • Upon signing of contract or turn over, general cleaning for start up is free of charge for three (3) days. Visitation and inspection of areas by Operation, Area Manager and Coordinators twice a month in all Clients or as needed.

  • Wide range of communication open twenty four hours on all of our officers if emergencies arises.

  • We will provide Indoor plants on offices, hallways and other areas that we covered for free.

  • Equipments are inclusive of our contract price. We would assure you of immediate replacement when defect.

  • Supplies/ chemicals are delivered on time and in standard quality.

  • Field staff and officers assigned in our client are all well trained in Housekeeping, Hygienity, Sanitation, Safety.

  • Good Moral Conduct, Personality, Positive outlook attitude, Courteous and Industrious employees.

  • We will follow all rules and internal policies of all our Clientele program.

  • Half year we will provide an additional of Housekeeping personnel for three (3) days and three personnel which is free of charge to help out in augmentation programs of all our Clients e.g. General Cleaning.

  • Lastly, is our price quotation which is very competitive and negotiable to the least we can give our client. Attach here is the cost breakdown for your perusal. We can sit down on this matter so that we can explain to you our price and other offer. Our company is with you all the time especially on how we can be a great help in cost cutting and save whatever items for the benefit of all our clientele. The most important for a service provider is not to take advantage of clients trust. This is why you can count on us.

  • These are some items that we are assuring our dear clients to maintain our work standard relations. Rest assured that we would provide you the best service that we can offer in compare to other service provider.

  • Meeting standard expectations and satisfaction of our clients is our vision and we hope to serve you, the best that we can give. Try us.

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